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Sassy Soohyun getting down (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ


Cute otp's moments.

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kawaii desu ne uwu

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CHISA of DIV’s greetings to Taiwanese fans


Ladies and gentlemen, Satoshi is back!
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Ladies and gentlemen, Satoshi is back!


[left: Chisa - Right: Hyo]

Hyo-kun, incribon’s singer and DIV’s roadie, was cosplaying Chisa today in their live at the Area. The result is amazing, isn’t it? Chisa lent him his own outfit.

Anonymous asked: "satoshi will be back on twitter and his blog??(YAAAAAAy)"


Is this a question, or a fact? Hahaha he actually said he’s officially back! I’ll translate everything about it when I have time, I promise!

Anonymous asked: "Chobi is the leader or is Chisa?"


Chobi is! Members say he’s very polite, even in the worst situations. Because of that, he’s the leader.

ちょび’s bass playing inyou

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