How U-KISS promote their Tour Goods lol 

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Tsuzuku of MEJIBRAY and Ryoga of BORN in「club Zy.MAG Vol.020」magazine.

Anonymous said: hi admin! This is a question for you :) I was wondering what are your top 5 DIV songs and is there a reason for them being your top 5?


 This is really difficult, but I’ll try to pick just 5: 

  1. Natsu no yukue- I love this song because it kinda talks about those childhood days, and growing up… it’s something that worries  me a lot so I feel touched hahah plus it was my first DIV song. 
  2. Hotarubi- the lyrics are about the WWII and I love everything related to that topic thanks to a class I had in college. And I think it’s just a beautiful song. 
  3. I hate you- I’m a misanthrope, and that explains everything hahahah
  4. Miseinen- I like the lyrics, I think they are really really deep. And Chisa playing the guitar is just an extra point c:
  5. Mousou Nikki- I know it’s just a cover, but it’s a SUPER GREAT COVER. And it kinda has a special meaning since I wrote a story about it for college and everyone liked it (I study literature, so it was big deal hahaha)

Thank you for asking! c: 

Chisa's rants [twitter 07.16]

Chisa: I'm hungry-, I want to eat subway ( ;´Д`)

Chisa: Hot, hot, hot ( ;´Д`)

Chisa: When it's hot, I'm not vigorous ー( ;´Д`)

Do you believe? [Chisa's twitter 07.16]

Fan: Chisa-san doesn't believe in ghosts, right? (゚-゚)

Chisa: That's right, at night, they're completely burried in their tombs (。・3・。)


911 yes i need company

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Chobiko-chan story~


So, I got this ask: 


And since, for some reason, tumblr doesn’t let me upload more than a picture per ask, I decided to make another post! and since it’ll be kinda long, the explanition will be under the ‘read more’

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Food adventures- Chobi ver [Twitter 07.16]

Chobi: Sweet!

Sweet as hell!

It’s like jam!

Ughヽ( `д´)ノ

Chobi: 3rd Burger! Came here with DIV’s prince! ₍₍ ᕕ( `д´ )ᕗ⁾⁾